Public Notice - Roath (2013) : The Tuber

Public Notice is a project that uses the planning notice as a form of bureaucratic street art. The form of the notice is used to put forward a range of proposals, both practical and ridiculous, for local spaces. The notices are canvas, tromp l'oeil, political thermometer, or just paper-ink-and-plastic.

The Dept. of Public Possibility, run by Nick Davies, had undertook it's first contracted work in August 2013 in Roath, Cardiff. It's objective was two-fold:

1. To gain knowledge into the opinions of locals from Roath about topics such as public space, public art, use/value of artists, planning, and Roath.
2. To develop as many proposals and ideas for the innovative development/use of public spaces around Roath as possible.

Objective 1 was met through the production and distribution of a door-to-door survey delivered as if it was a Kleeneze catalogue.

Objective 2 was met by walking the streets, buying the local paper, using the pubs and cafes, chatting with locals, and researching in the libraries, all wearing the DoPP uniform of blue shirt and tie and boilersuit.

The results were a return of under 4% of surveys delivered, 11 installed planning notices, one published notice in a local paper, and one clipboard compiling all research and proposals for peer review.