PsychoGeoggin : The Tuber

PsychoGeogging is an attempt at forging a new cultural past time, one that mixes the urban, ludic, anarchic approach of the Situationists (pulling on their concept of psychogeography) with the high spirit, high energy approach of fell runners. It sort of like arty urban fell running or fell running for someone in a city without a car. One of the main joys of fell running is the sights you experience and PG will aim to maximize the amount of good views on offer.

PsychoGeogging will be a series of curated running routes that take in a wide range of their context's architectures, histories, and geographies. It will work against the topography of a place to create a run that will challenge people physically and mentally. Each route will have its own risograph printed map and runner's bib (118-118 your heart out).


PsychoGeog #1 - Exeter


PsychoGeog #2 - Ilfracombe